That Girl Can Dress: Lupita N’yongo

That Girl Can Dress: Lupita N’yongo

I love following celebrity fashion, it definitely helps inspire some of my outfits. Because she has basically been slaying every single red carpet and sidewalk that she has stepped foot on, it’s only right that my first “That Girl Can Dress” post feature actress Lupita N’yongo. I love the fact that she wears a lot of colors, as well as white and black. And her poise adds such an elegant touch to any outfit that she puts on.  Below are some of my favorite Lupita looks:



I love how this white gowns pops on Lupita’s flawless skin! And if you know me, you know I love an all-white, cut-out number, lol (here’s proof 😉;




The stripes. The pose. The necklace. Yes.




Puuurpppllle raaaiiiin, puuuurrrrpple raaaiiinnn. Monochrome at its finest!




Simple, sophisticated, and sexy. All rolled into one look.




WERK Lupi, weerrkkk! Yaaasss! Mixed prints done right.






















What more can I say, except that she stole the show in this classic red gown!




This picture immediately jumped out at me. I love the matching print trend that’s in right now, and I actually thought that she was wearing a shirt and pants at first. Then I realized that she is wearing a dress. Either way, I love it.

What was your favorite Lupita look?




Pictures via Pinterest. This will be a regular post, inspired by one of my Pinterest boards (







5 thoughts on “That Girl Can Dress: Lupita N’yongo

  1. Kim Perkins

    I love, love, love, her style! I love all of the looks, but the black and white striped dress and the printed dress are my favs! Go Lupita, Go!!!

  2. Ashley

    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssss Lupita! My fave is the patterned dress and of course the GG red dress!! I’m glad she got her soap (#prayersforpatsy).

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