Styled By Kasi : Ashley Calloway

Last summer I styled my client, singer/songwriter Ashley Calloway, for her first solo photoshoot. The look that we went for was bohemian glam, a la a cross between Beyonce and Solange.










Doesnโ€™t she look stunning? She is amazingly talented as well, be sure to check her out on Youtube and Instagram!
















15 thoughts on “Styled By Kasi : Ashley Calloway

  1. Ashley

    Kasi is the best stylist to work with! She works with you to create a vision/theme and sees it out to the very last detail. Her looks made me feel comfortable, beautiful, and confident during my first photoshoot. Couldn’t ask for a better stylist!! Thanks for featuring little ol me =)

  2. Tyra

    These looks are so wonderful. Excellent styling! It looks like you really captured your client’s personality and sense of style!

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