Coat Chronicles

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone is enjoying this time with family and friends! These past three months have flown on by I tell ya! Anyway, I’m back! And hopefully won’t be taking anymore extended breaks anytime soon. ☺ Since my last post was from the summer, and now its “brick” outside, it’s only appropriate to make my newest post about coats!

I’m a cold natured summer baby, so I really don’t prefer cooler temperatures. However, I still enjoy fall/winter fashion. During this time of the year, it is important to make sure your outerwear is just as fly as your actual outfit. Sometimes, all most people will see is your outerwear. So make it count!

I’ve broken down the “it” coats of the season (combining late fall/winter all in one season) by category. Since it’s the holiday season, you may want to add a couple of these to your wishlist!

Up first, we have the classics. These are tried and true, and will never get old.

TheClassicsFrom left : Asos, Express, Macys, Express

Up next we have the camel coat, which is really a classic, but deserves it’s own category, because it is THE coat of the season! Once it got down to like 60 degrees out, the camel coat started popping up in store displays, magazines, blogs and anywhere else you could think of, and I’ve been wanting one ever since. The camel coat also falls right in line with the minimalist trend of the season, so basically everyone should get up on it.

CamelCoatFrom left: AsosAsos, Forever21, Misguided

Next up, we have one of my favorite textures : faux fur. It adds instant lux to any outfit. I’m loving the new spin I’ve been seeing with faux fur lately – various lengths, colors, and patterns, etc. So fun! Remember that if you’re going to go for the fur, you want to make sure that it is not too bulky.

FauxFurFrom left :  Asos, Forever21, Topshop, Forever21

So, all of the styles I’ve covered so far should keep you pretty warm in like mid 30 to 50 degree weather. However, when it starts hitting high 30s and below, you should probably pull out the big guns, aka the parka down coats. Less fanc, more stance. You’ll especially need these coats if you’re like me and have to take public transportation to and from work (sigh).  The following styles are where it’s at to stay super warm and still look (somewhat) hot!

ParkaFrom left : Macys, MacysMacys, Nordstrom

Which coat is your fave? Mine is the camel number from Forever21. Adding that to my mental Christmas wishlist (in case anyone who I know cares)!

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16 thoughts on “Coat Chronicles

  1. Ashley

    Great post per ush! Def wanting a long hooded down, fur, and camel option this winter! I’ll be using this post as my template while I search ☺️

  2. Althea

    hunnay there is only like 2 weeks of inbetween temperatures up here so bring on the fly parka!!! I have a really cute olive green number from Cole Haan. Gotta do what u gotta do bc the flu ain’t never looked cute on anybody

  3. Kimi LeV

    Coat fashions make me want to move back home to NY. I find myself wanting to dress for winter down here in Fort. Lauderdale, but we have no winter! The camel colors are everything!

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