White Boyfriend Blazer + Black Joggers

Happy March everyone! The promise of warmer weather is near, and I’m here for it. I was walking to work yesterday as the snow and ice was melting and falling like rain drops from the trees, and I was like, “Yassss, you better melt snow and ice!!!”, lol. 🙂 Is anyone else ready for spring??


Black and white outfits are clearly on trend right now. No matter what social media or clothing website I’m looking at, I’m always hit with at least a few black and white outfits. I love the look because it’s trendy and classic all at the same time.


My lovely sister had her baby shower this past weekend, and I like to dress up a little to showers, so I decided to go with a black and white look featuring my white boyfriend blazer and black joggers. When I got to my sister’s house, I saw that she had on black and white, and then my mom (who was in town for the shower) had on black and white as well. Then, I saw one of my other sisters (who surprised us by coming to town with my parents), and guess what she was wearing? Black and white! So funny and even further proof of the trend.


I’ve only worn this blazer a few times since I purchased it (probably because I didn’t want to worry about getting it dirty). But I’ve been inspired by a lot of outfits involving white boyfriend blazers lately, so I’ll definitely be pulling it out more often.


I’ve been going along with the minimalist look for my accessories as of late, but I reverted to my old jazzy ways, and wore a couple of statement pieces.



That one stray curl! :-/


So…is everyone else here for the black and white trend?

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32 thoughts on “White Boyfriend Blazer + Black Joggers

  1. Vivi

    I, too, am not tired of the monochrome look. In fact, it’ll be a long while until I am. Spring is the perfect time to break out the good ol’ black and white combo. Why? I don’t know. I made that up BUT I truly believe it works best in Spring. lolol.

    Anywho, great outfit. FANTASTIC necklace.

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