Macy’s Destination Style Fashion Event

Happy Tuesday everyone! This past Thursday, I attended the Macy’s Destination Style Fashion Event hosted by bloggers Natalie Pinto of the Fashionably Broke, and Sara Azani of Style MBA. I definitely had a great time chatting with friends, sampling the hors d’oeuvres, and taking in the spring trends and vacation styles.

The event set up was fun and welcoming, with couches, a few small high rise tables, a stage (if you will) for the models, and a decorative rack display at the center, which you could actually shop through towards the end of the event.  Waiters walked around with delicious hors d’oeuvres like mini crab cakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, and mini key lime cheesecakes. They also had mocktails and water, of course. I must admit, I was slacking a little with getting all of my photos, but I did snap this pic of the cheesecakes.



There were also opportunities to get your make-up, as well as your nails done. My BFF took advantage of the complimentary make-up services.


Now let’s get into the main point of the show, to showcase the spring trends available at Macy’s!

First up we have the army greens, as well as the always on trend, layered look.



I love this jumpsuit, it was my favorite look from the show!

Next up, we have the black and white trend (one of my fav color combos to wear as you may have noticed), as well as fringe, stripes, and cropped looks.






Another trend showcased was the dressed up sporty look. I’m a fan of the trend, but not the biggest fan of the way they styled it on the model.


Next we have a citron plus printed look. I really loved this model’s hair and makeup. Perfect for spring!


And the last few looks are more printed looks, pastels, and a few subtle 70’s nods are mixed in as well.




My friends and I snapped a few flicks after the show. If I look a little tired…I was, lol! I also blame the lighting…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


My boo Ashley (aka Andy) looked fab though!


I was trying to go for a more stretched out twist out, however the weather was like…nope, you will have a fro-mop! But I loved my jumpsuit and shoes!

Oh…and guess who won one of the Samsonite suitcases that were raffled off?!


That would be moi! 😀

What was your favorite look from the event? Let me know below! Oh and of course, all looks are available at Macy’s in-store or on-line.



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26 thoughts on “Macy’s Destination Style Fashion Event

  1. Vivi

    It was nice seeing you at the event. Not gonna lie, I was staring at your shoes pretty much 90% of the time. LOVE ‘EM! And it goes so well with your jumpsuit.

  2. Wan

    I love your jumpsuit and shoes!! But I guess if I had to choose a look from the actual show, I would have to say the army green jumpsuit was my fave! Oh and I also liked the black fringe top. Great post Kas!

  3. MJ

    I spy a maxi dress and a few jumpers I need! Love Macy’s for their versatility in style not to mention one stop shopping. I’ll have to make a Macy’s run now.

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